Rio Prepares for Summer 2016 Olympics by Hiding Slums

The Olympics is a time when the nations of the world come together to “celebrate humanity”. However, the city of Rio de Janeiro, which host this year’s 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil, have decided that the celebration does not include the poor and impoverished. In preparation for the Summer Olympics, Rio has set up walls on the freeway along favelas, Brazilian slums.

Mare 1

According to the locals, the city has told them that the purpose of the walls is to block out the sound from the highways. However, it is quite clear to the locals that the purpose of the walls was to keep the slums out of sight from the tourist that would soon enter the city.

The city of Rio has decided to use their resources to host the Summer Olympics and keep the poor out of sight instead of creating proper housing and plumbing for their less fortunate citizens. This has not been the first time the city of Rio has created walls to keep out their poor. In 2009, Rio built a controversial wall to “stop further deforestation” but many argue it was to segregate the poor residents who lived in those favelas.

In addition to the visual barrier between the public eye and the region that Rio de Janeiro turns a blind eye to, many have been evicted from their homes in anticipation of the Olympics for every reason from creating space to the dissolving of the favela community.

Photo Source: Google Maps, Wikipedia