Self-esteem: Get Some Today

Ever notice that it appears most people make excuses for the “winners” they’re dating. There even is a chance you may know someone who has said to their father “He’s a really good guy daddy, you just don’t know him. Sure he’s been arrested 8 times for fighting, but he has a really good heart.” Why on earth would someone settle for this type of person who boils down to one very simple factor.

Self-esteem, or lack their of.

It’s a shame really, what we settle for when we don’t think we deserve better. We as human beings, not just women, will stay with some who uses us. We allow those who “love us” to abuse us. We allow someone to tell us who we can and cannot talk to. We stay after someone cheats on us, but turns around saying “but I love you” when you decide to leave. Sadly some people consider that to be love, which is the complete opposite of what the definition is. That is abuse, either mental or physical, and you deserve much more.

It’s an awful thing this vicious cycle of abuse, and heartbreaking how MANY people just keep riding the Ferris wheel of pain. Lets face it, most of us are broken, and it can usually be tied to how our parents were when they raised us. If your parent was unstable then that usually helps guarantee you will fall for an unstable person. If you are smart enough to go a different route, be happy you were fortunate enough to wise up. Do not confuse emotional terrorism with love.

Do not accept the ones who lie, cheat, steal, and put you into therapy. Hitting rock bottom because you don’t love yourself is something to avoid. Emotional masochism can disguise itself as love to most people, and it usually has devastating effects on all those involved. You need to stop allowing cruel and mean people to tear you apart. Stop continuing to repeat the pattern of abuse you were shown, or you like to inflict on others. Stop making excuses for the treatment that is inflicted everyday. Find someone who respects your wishes, and can simply be faithful. Someday when you stop allowing the crappy treatment you seem to enjoy, then you will finally be happy. Mostly though, just love yourself fully before you try to love someone else.


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