Senior Year Preparation

For every college student, the beginning of the end is the spring semester of their junior year. It is the realization that one year from this period in time many will be saying goodbye to beloved professors, co-workers and friends in the hopes of starting a new chapter. The only way to start the beginning to the end off right is to make a plan that would catapult any dreams of internships, education, career opportunities, or adventures into actuality. When deciding on a path or plan of action there are many aspects, the first and foremost important is that of financial obligations. Every young adult either receives some form of assistance from their parents or has the undeniable ability to hustle and work for the amount needed to survive and better their lives. It is imperative to remember that any goal or dream is accompanied by a price sign and a person’s ability to budget and spend wisely is necessary for meeting all goals and expectations.

Junior year is a great opportunity to join various honor societies some that are based on scholarship and others that are more of a social or professional gathering of like-minded individuals. Honor societies assist in connecting more individuals with other students and members of the community that may contribute to the success of a young professional. Another major item to be considered during your time as a junior is a professional internship. Changing majors feel like a full-time job with the countless amounts of careers and areas of studies, but simply switching courses does not illustrate the field of that discipline in the same way a professional internship would provide the student with an everyday view of the occupation. Since the best internships are with huge firms and corporations, searching for full-time summer internships are the most beneficial as they offer the chance to network and develop skills of the trade leading to a potential full-time job offer upon graduation.

A professional internship is one way to find companies that are interested in interns that could transition to employees, but searching for job becomes a priority in the fall of senior year, when the question of “What is going to happen next?” occurs in conversations with friends, family, teachers, and advisers. It is significant for job seekers to attend the career fair and apply for jobs of their interest as companies will be assessing promising applicants to fulfill positions that are currently open or may become open around the time of the student’s graduation. Companies that are known for hiring professionals fresh out of college will invest in recruiters and making a perfect impression on the recruiter is the best way to land on the company’s radar as recruiters are able to sale your abilities to the hiring managers of a company. If starting your career is not the intended path, then perhaps continuing your education might be with the struggles that are aligned with finding the perfect position. When looking into graduate school each program, the distance, and cost must be evaluated in order to make the correct decision. In any event, graduate school is only necessary in a few select fields, therefore it is only beneficial in advancing some careers. The truth of the matter is, it is significant to have an idea of the direction your life will travel for the next year and a half even if that means applying for every job, internship, and graduate program that retains your attention.


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