Shrimp (Ebi) Sushi

One appeal of sushi is its variety, not only in what ingredients are used but how they are applied. Shrimp is a common ingredient in many different rolls, from the saucy tempura roll, to the elaborate dragon roll, to the self-explanatory spicy shrimp roll. Prepared as nigiri, it’s as basic as sushi can be: shrimp, rice, and possibly wasabi.

Shrimp, when prepared this way, tastes no different than the raw shrimp one may have had in the past: cold and dry with the familiar shellfish taste. Its texture is firm and stringy, making it slightly difficult to bite into, yet appealing to chew on. Its simplicity makes it expected in catering and casual outings, but unseen in extravagant dining experiences. Like tuna, shrimp makes for good comfort food: when one isn’t feeling adventurous enough to try a new or fantastic dish, shrimp nigiri  is a good choice for a modest yet hearty meal.