Standardized testing, how accurate ?

For ages standardized tests have been the end all to be all when it comes to getting into some of the most prestigious schools in the country. Children all over the country, who partake in different curriculums and grading scales are being forced to take the same test to prove just how smart they really are. So the question stands, standardized testing, just how accurate is it?

How accurate can these types of tests be when scores of children who do not benefit from the same type of educational advantages are taking a test catered to one group. Testing scores in a poor urban area school will be dramatically lower than those in an upper middle class private school in the suburbs. These results would read that the children of the former school are less intelligent, less absorbent, and less worth working on than those children in the more privileged district. This just can’t be right. Children of certain neighborhoods simply are not exposed to the kind of advantages and educational opportunities that others are.  This begs the question: How can one test measure millions of children’s intelligence, without bias and decide whether or not they are worth letting into charter schools, colleges, or schools for the gifted.

A student’s GPA along with their extracurricular activities, clubs, sports, etc. should be considered when admitting into colleges. This is especially important in today’s economy and job system. Job seekers who lack a college degree are more likely to swim around the jobless pool for a substantial amount of time compared to their college degreed associates. So what is America going to do about this epidemic? With the increasing educational gap among our young and impressionable, I believe SAT’s have to be reconsidered. What do you think?

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