Stepping into the World of “Bloodborne”

Ahead of its March 24th release onto PS4, notoriously secretive game studio From Software has begun to reveal a little bit more about their follow up to their acclaimed Dark Souls series: Blooodborne. Having already gone through an beta demo for a select few players, From Software has now partnered with IGN to reveal more about the game in a week long special. Along with a brief look at the player creation mechanics IGN has also revealed an 18-minute demo of the game’s opening; while much of the footage will be familiar to those who have seen footage of the demos there are also many significant new reveals about the decrepit Victorian-gothic world. In typical Souls fashion the story looks to be vague and interpretive as players seek out the fabled city of Yharnam, fabled for its places of healing, only to discover that the city has succumbed to a horrifying illness, transforming most of the population into bloodthirsty monsters. If the player is to get out alive they must employ a wide range of weapons and wit in order to unravel the mysteries of Yharnam. 

Also in related Souls news, Dark Souls II is getting a major update on February 5th to prepare for the release of the “Scholar of the First Sin” which arrives April 7th and looks at basically remixing the game by featuring new or moved enemies along with expanded story elements and characters.


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