Steve Ballmer Takes Ownership of Los Angeles Clippers

Donald Sterling is officially out, and from all reports, there is no chance of a return.

Months after the controversial, now former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, was recorded making racist comments on audio tape about African Americans, Sterling has finally been ousted as the owner of the Clippers. The sale of the team was made official to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Tuesday afternoon. Ballmer purchased the team for a cool $2 billion.

Sterling had made it clear that he was going to fight until the very end and make it as difficult as possible for the NBA to get rid of him. But thanks to a court ruling a few weeks ago in favor of Sterling’s wife Shelly, who initially made the sale to Ballmer, Donald was denied the ability to block the sale of the franchise any further, rendering him a thing of the past to the league going forward.

The final sale of the team will make everyone involved, except Donald Sterling of course, happy. There were rumors floating around the league that Clippers players and their head coach Doc Rivers were considering boycotting the team if Sterling was still in ownership by the time the season started in late October. Now that there is a new man in charge, boycotting will not be necessary.

Sterling still has the opportunity to fight against his wife and the league, but the sale of the team is final. The black cloud that has been hanging over the organization and the NBA as a whole is now gone.


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