Sweet Orange and Bergamot Salt Scrub

Add this to your summer skin care routine. Yes, this is the food section but today I’m sharing with you a recipe for your skin. It’s a sweet orange and bergamot salt scrub for your body made with all natural ingredients. It’s just as important to feed your skin a clean diet as you do your body.  Exfoliating is imperative to maintaining healthy skin. The salt’s natural abrasives remove dead skin while the oils moisturize the new skin. Use this scrub for your body only, as salt scrubs can be too harsh for the face. Sugar scrubs are much less abrasive and even safe for those with sensitive skin. Grapeseed oil is my preferred choice for the scrubs I make. It has a neutral scent and is one of the lighter oils, meaning it doesn’t leave your skin overly greasy. Sweet orange and bergamot are citrusy-sweet scents that are perfect for the summer months.


2 cups sea salt
½ cup grapeseed oil
60 drops sweet orange essential oil
10 drops bergamot essential oil

To make:

In a medium size bowl, add sea salt and grapeseed oil. Gently mix to combine. Add essential oils listed above or essential oils of your choice. Stir to combine scents. Transfer scrub into two 8 oz glass or plastic jars.


Photo Source: Kara Muller