A Letter to the American People

Dear America, On Tuesday November 8th marked a historical period by electing our new president of the United States. Donald Trump is currently the 45th President Elect of the United States and will be sworn into office on January 20th, 2017. Many

The Zuckerberg Book Club 2015

If Oprah can do it why not Mark Zuckerberg? The CEO of Facebook announced that his challenge for 2015 was to read more books. Aside from the fact that Jeff Bezos ( CEO of Amazon) probably received the best news to reach him for the New Year (the

Reboot: A New Year of Challenges

December 31st is the last day in the year and the one day, everyone in the world begin to reflect upon their successes, shortcomings, and the potential to “own” the upcoming year. The moment, the statement, “this year, is going to be my

The 30 Day Happiness Challenge

It’s no secret that life can brutal. Sometimes just when you think you’re standing on top of the world something comes around to knock you off your feet. It can be hard not to let obstacles bring you down. But life never stops happening