BetterHelp Is The Therapy For You

Mental health is like a blanket when we get cold, it is our warm safe space and keeps us comfortable. The rise of mental health disorders is increasing by the day and affecting anyone in different age groups. The 5 most common mental health

Life Is A Design — Yours.

There are these curve-balls that get thrown in our direction from time to time– hardships, decision-making and unexpected events; these are the ones that can make you stop and rethink every step you’ve taken to lead you to the point you are

How to Handle Embarassment

It always begins with self-hatred. Even the smallest embarrassing moments can penetrate the mind with thoughts of insecurity and self-betrayal. Some moments can truly destroy your spirit. Feelings of embarrassment are normal after your embarrassing

“Second Star to the Right”

Depression carries a high risk of suicide. Approximately 90% of people who have committed suicide suffered from some form of depression whether they were clinically diagnosed or not. It is unfortunate to see that depression and suicide have such a

Depression Will Not Conquer You

No one is perfect, and no one’s life is perfect. We all have those inner struggles to deal with, and those annoying family members that aren’t going away. And things happen, we get strokes of bad luck, and it puts us in a funk. But for