The Power of Appreciation

Encouraging words, praising gestures, smiling motivation, inspiring advice, constructive criticism, valuable suggestions and an endless list of appreciative acts. Acknowledgment and appreciation go a long way in radiating energy, enthusiasm,

When we take things for granted…

From relationships to resources, from homes to hearts, from family to friends, from nature to neighbor, from creation to commodity, from anything to everything; we often find ourselves taking things for granted. Be it authority or power, be it

Unplanned Parenthood: A Christmas Story

There is a sort of insanity that takes over during the holidays. No, I’m not talking about the commercialism or the driving or the loads of edible catalysts for gluttony. I’m talking about the emotions. People lose their minds. For some of us,

Life Is A Design — Yours.

There are these curve-balls that get thrown in our direction from time to time– hardships, decision-making and unexpected events; these are the ones that can make you stop and rethink every step you’ve taken to lead you to the point you are

Stars and the Final Frontier

I reacted unexpectedly to a line from “Star System,” a poem by Clive James. “Time is a cliff/You come to in the dark” he wrote, and I became instantly aware of how difficult it was to control my facial muscles as I fought a lighting strike

Reboot: A New Year of Challenges

December 31st is the last day in the year and the one day, everyone in the world begin to reflect upon their successes, shortcomings, and the potential to “own” the upcoming year. The moment, the statement, “this year, is going to be my

“Parenthood’s” Final Season

“Parenthood” might be the most underrated show on television. It was close to getting cancelled before this sixth and final season, but luckily the network decided to give it a proper goodbye and granted them a stay of execution with a