Goal-Setting for the New Year

Ever hear of the saying, “Out with the old, and in with the new” ? Most of us, at one time or another, have said this to ourselves when the prospect of a new year approaches. Media, among others, tout the importance of New Year

Far From Childproof

It’s June. The school year has finally come to a close, fieldtrips were arranged in a desperate attempt to give children an outlet for that “Summer fever,” and all that leftover pent up energy is being released upon parents for three months.

Life Is A Design — Yours.

There are these curve-balls that get thrown in our direction from time to time– hardships, decision-making and unexpected events; these are the ones that can make you stop and rethink every step you’ve taken to lead you to the point you are

7 Habits of Highly Normal People

Myriads of health and wellness articles claim to have the answers. We can open msn or yahoo and click on a dozen advice columns telling us what to eat, drink, think, be, love, wear, move, change, moderate, eliminate, increase, decrease, pursue, et

20 Things You Should Do in Your 20’s

All right, so I may still be in my early 20’s but I thought I’d draft a list from experience and also from advice I have gotten over some time. These 20 things are simply suggestions and some really aren’t possible unless the circumstance is