We Simply Know Nothing

I touch on depression frequently in my articles because the statistics of people living with depression are so high that it can be completely disheartening and discouraging to think about, and if there is even a fraction of my words that can inspire

When we take things for granted…

From relationships to resources, from homes to hearts, from family to friends, from nature to neighbor, from creation to commodity, from anything to everything; we often find ourselves taking things for granted. Be it authority or power, be it

The Answer is Inside of You

Kyle Cease is a comedian and keynote speaker with the goal of transforming audiences. I’m very amazed and inspired right now after just watching one of his videos, so I feel that Cease knows what he’s doing. Watch the video for yourself,

3 Life Lessons From Magician David Blaine

This video started resurfacing on the internet recently, so I decided to write a little piece on some lessons that I learned from magician, David Blaine, through the video. 1. Anything is possible Simply put, anything is possible. Whatever your goal