New Year’s Resolution

Every start of a New Year we come up with resolutions we always want to follow but dies down when we get towards the end of the year. Here are the top 5 resolutions you can keep in mind if you have no clue where to begin. 1. Do Something Different

2016: Let The Resolutions Begin!

Well, the burnt gingerbread smoke has cleared, the wrapping paper tumbleweeds have settled beneath the couch, and the fridge is packed with random leftovers. It was a wild ride, but we all survived yet another round of joyful holiday madness! If

New Year’s Pleas

It’s that time of year again. Suddenly, everyone vows to get more exercise, put down the cigarettes for good, and give back to the community. Are you really going to give up your favorite vices while volunteering and whipping your body into shape

5 Tips To Help Manage Your Money

As the new year begins, we give ourselves new goals and resolutions and I’m sure many of us want to improve our financial situations. Being good with money is difficult but with these five tips and a little hard work, you’ll have a

Out With The Old, In With The New

Welcome to the year 2015 folks! Please fasten your seat belts, we’re about to take it up a notch. But before we do, we at Collective Lifestyle want to take a look back at an amazing 2014. Back on March 2014, we put up our very first post

New Year, New Goals

2015 is upon us, which means time for new goals. Not resolutions, but goals. So, let’s get to it! First, before planning next year’s goals I want you to review how this past year went. Did you accomplish all of your goals? If not, do you want to

Reboot: A New Year of Challenges

December 31st is the last day in the year and the one day, everyone in the world begin to reflect upon their successes, shortcomings, and the potential to “own” the upcoming year. The moment, the statement, “this year, is going to be my