Do It for the Love

Do you sometimes wonder what it would feel like to have your dream job?  That feeling must be surreal if you ask me. All the times you caught yourself day dreaming about having something exciting can become a reality. You can be a famous DJ

The Answer is Inside of You

Kyle Cease is a comedian and keynote speaker with the goal of transforming audiences. I’m very amazed and inspired right now after just watching one of his videos, so I feel that Cease knows what he’s doing. Watch the video for yourself,

Positively Challenged

I used to think that being positive was being willfully oblivious to the negative aspects of life, turning a blind eye to the horrific examples of loss, failure, rejection and maltreatment in the world. Those motivational posters you see in

The 30 Day Happiness Challenge

It’s no secret that life can brutal. Sometimes just when you think you’re standing on top of the world something comes around to knock you off your feet. It can be hard not to let obstacles bring you down. But life never stops happening

How to Get The Perfect Beach Body

Summer is upon us! It is time to shed those sweaters and hit the faraway beach or the neighborhood recreational pool. Really, we all just try to get something that will help alleviate the heat wave we’re going to be stuck in. This includes leaving

How to Break Up with Heartbreak

We’ve all been there with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s mixed with tears in our hands while wearing the same sweats as yesterday. Trust me, I was there a few months ago. At first, it felt like the floor had been ripped up from underneath my feet.

Don’t take life too seriously…

I am sure you’ve heard this statement a lot of times, to the point of it irking you, but it’s a fundamental truth that life is not really a serious business – it’s more like a game, a game of existence, and the reason why there is nothing