The Hidden Gems of the Los Angeles’ Outdoors

Here in LA, we are so used to a loud and rambunctious way of life that we often forget about the quiet and unknown sanctuaries that LA has to offer. Many people may reside in LA but few have experienced its subtle side. The great city of LA contains

10 Things to Do This Fall

Fall is fast approaching. The sunny weather is giving way to gusts of wind and chilling temperatures. Most people are sad to see the beaches of summer and the long days and nights go, but I am one of the few who are ready to toss them out. I’ve

Apricot Ginger Refresher

This refreshing cocktail is great for the summer months. The lemon juice and apricot give off a slight tart taste and the ginger beer lends an energizing spice. Hendrick’s gin is my favorite to use for making cocktails. It’s infused with rose

How to Get The Perfect Beach Body

Summer is upon us! It is time to shed those sweaters and hit the faraway beach or the neighborhood recreational pool. Really, we all just try to get something that will help alleviate the heat wave we’re going to be stuck in. This includes leaving