10 Prompts to Conquer Writer’s Block

Any writer knows that having  writer’s block can be frustrating, especially when nothing seems to make you snap out of it. It has happened even to the greatest amongst us. But, sometimes all it takes is going back to the basics of composition

Return to Education

Every year thousands of college students graduate from colleges and universities all over world and strive to begin their careers, but find the real-world to be much harder to navigate than their college campus. The idea of higher education and

A Retelling of Retail

You’ve all been there. But for most of you, it’s been on the other side. The phone is ringing like there’s no tomorrow when there are already two customers on hold asking “Does it come in polka dot pink, size XL” and

Get a Hobby!

A new study shows that having a creative pursuit—a hobby—can dramatically improve your productivity at work. Researchers for the study surveyed 350 workers from various professions, asking which workers engaged in creative activities during

How To Make Time For Your Family

Think back to when you were close to graduating high school. You probably wanted to go far away, travel and live the campus life. In our youth most of us want to move away from home, and our parents and their rules. But something happens to us after