Take Charge of Your Morning

The early morning is a very peaceful and calm time of day. There are almost no cars on the road, people are still asleep, and the sun is rising or has already risen to greet you. 

The morning can be stressful, too. Waking up after hitting the snooze 3 times, choosing an outfit to wear quickly, forgetting breakfast, missing the train because you left late, these all create anxiety, and we don’t do well with anxiety.

The best way to find productivity and make the most of your morning is to create a routine so that waking early becomes a habit, even if you are a night owl.

Here’s how to get the most out of your morning:

Set an alarm: Set your alarm an hour earlier than you normally wake up. With that time you can take a longer shower or sit down to eat breakfast. Enjoy those indulgences and in time your body will be adjust to waking up earlier. Once the alarm starts ringing, wake up, no excuses.

Drink water with lemon: Pour yourself a large cup of water with lemon first thing in the morning. The lemon jumpstarts the digestive system and helps your body rid of any toxins, and it tastes amazing. This is essential to getting more water into your body as well. Proper hydration helps your brain, skin, digestion, muscles, and organs function well.

Eat breakfast: Slowly. Enjoy every bite. Savor the start of your day. Taking the time to enjoy a healthy breakfast will do you wonders, especially when you eat a fiber-rich meal. Instead of donuts and bagels, try oatmeal or green smoothies. Chia or flax seeds will boost your fiber content too, so if you’re a cereal eater, you can add some crunch to your meal with these seeds.

Exercise: Try stretching in the morning, yoga asanas, go for a run (you have the time!), or do some push-ups and squats. Your mind will be focused, and you’ll be improving your life, especially if you are sedentary at work. We all know that too much sitting can decrease your life expectancy.

Create: If you love writing, take the morning to write. Once you wake, you’re closer more open to the flow of your mind. Keep a journal by your bed. Same goes for if you are a painter, graphic designer, photographer. If you can’t do these things in the morning, set the intention to set aside time in your day for your creativity.

Avoid your phone: Try to limit going on Facebook as soon as you wake up. Social media clouds your mind in the morning and can trigger a less than ideal mood. All of the emails and junk can wait, there is nothing on Instagram yet, and you don’t need to read about more violence in the world first thing in the morning.

I’ve harnessed the morning energy to make the day work for me. I feel happier, more productive, and purposeful now that I take control of my day. What will you try to make the most out of your morning?

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