Temple University Removes AIDS from Human Cells

As a student of Temple University, I am overwhelmingly proud to announce their contribution in fighting against the AID’s pandemic which has been one of the more recent plaques of human history. As of late, researchers at Temple University have successfully removed the Human Immunodeficiency Virus from cultured human cells.

For this we must thank the schools Professor and Chair of the Department of Neuroscience, Kamel Khalili, PhD and Associate Professor of Nueroscience, Wenhui Hu, MD, PhD. The two, performed a sort of molecular high jacking. Since HIV-1 becomes imbedded in the immune system, and cannot be fought off by the body, Khalili and Hu used a combination of a DNA- trimming enzyme known as nuclease as well as gRNA, a guide RNA used to target the virus. After which the virus was eradicated, and the damaged cells are able to repair themselves. To do this, researchers at Temple University had to choose a nucleotide sequence which did not appear anywhere in the coding sequences of human DNA to make sure the gRNA did not accidently bind to any part of the human genome. Of course this is to put it very simply, to read a more thorough explanation be sure to check out the Temple University website which will be linked at the end of this article.

This is truly amazing, and gives the human species a fighting chance in eradicating the virus which effects of 33 million people globally. This virus not only kills, but over the past forty years HIV has stigmatized and terrified people. With its mysterious origins the virus has been linked to the gay community, black community, prisoners, and generally unsavory individuals. This prejudice, and stigmatization put on certain communities pared with the governments unwillingness to provide adequate sex education, and birth control in the early 80’s helped this disease spread like wild fire. Fear and ignorance proved no way to fight the virus.

Luckily the issue of sex has since become less taboo in America, and globally. People began to accept that anyone is susceptible, and not just certain social groups. Since then we have allowed ourselves to have a more open mind about the virus, and educate ourselves in sex, sexuality, and disease. Reaching this milestone probably, in at least some small way, helped pave the path for amazing individuals like the scientists and researchers at Temple University which gave us discovery’s that will surely be canonized in human history.

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