The Art of Instagram: ErikRVA

It was difficult to decide on an artist to feature on my second Instagram spotlight. One of the main reasons for choosing the artist whom I did was the originality in what he does, which is very unique; I can’t think of anyone else doing this sort of thing. ErikRVA is an artist whom I stumbled across on my Instagram journies. Currently at 8500 followers, Erik uploads daily sketches of cartoon faces on post-it notes, usually using the entire mini-sheet. This simple idea has earned him the attention of thousands around the world, who are treated to a new character every 24 hours of both familiar and non-familiar characters presented in his Erik’s very unique style of cartoon-sketching. I had the opportunity to ask Erik some questions in order to learn a little more about the artist behind these daily sketches.


What name do you go by?:
I go by ErikRVA.

Can you tell us a little about where you’re from?:
I’m originally from Italy, near Rome, but I live in Edinburgh, Scotland.


How long have you been making art, and how has your style developed into what it is today?:
My mum is an all rounded artist, so I grew up around every kind of art and media. I was never really good at drawing, that’s why a year and a half ago I started drawing character faces on sticky notes daily.


When did you get the idea of drawing faces on post-its?:
I like characters faces, I think there are so many kind of expressions and styles to render a character that is easy to get lost. When I started I felt the need to make something creative every day, and a sticky note really restrains your possibilities, forcing you on trying different solutions. It’s a perfect way to learn how to draw.


Where does most of your inspiration come from? Music? Other artists?:
My inspiration comes mostly from movies, comics, videogames and tv shows. The amazing artists I follow on Instagram really make me want to push my limits and get better and better every day. There are so many incredible illustrators out there, it’s amazing!


Many of the faces you put up are recognizable by most viewers, others not so much. Do these represent anyone in particular?:
Not really, I like to mix very well known characters and new creations, it really depends on the kind of inspiration I get during the day. At times I think about a face or an expression throughout the day while other instances I try 4 or 5 different sketches until I settle on something.


Do you have any big projects in the works at the moment?:
I’ve just finished setting up the online shop. I started from scratch and I’m a one man band so there is plenty to learn and it feels I’m already making every possible mistake.

Last but not least, what are your plans for the future?:
I’m not sure. I’m also a motion graphic designer and six months ago I left my job to go freelance. So far so good, but I’d like to focus more on drawing and illustrating as there are hundreds more characters that need their way out of my mind and on paper.

Thanks a lot for your time, man!:
No problem at all, thanks for giving me a chance to spread the word.

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