The Death of the Monarch Butterfly

Previously, I have taken the time to inform you that the compound glyphosate, found in pesticides and herbicides in the use of westernized industrial agriculture can be not only bad for plants and insects, but also the human gut bacteria. Companies advocating the use of this product, and distributing the means to obtain glyphosate may be allowing for huge health problems and conditions which have been on the rise during the years. There is a correlation between glyphosate and autism, Multiple sclerosis, cancer, and other diseases.

The danger just does not lie there though. This product is likely to be a contributor to the rapid population decline in one of America’s most attractive creature. That is the Monarch Butterfly. The use of glyphosate in the production of industrial crops has destroyed much of the food supply the offspring of the monarch’s feed off. More specifically, the use of glyphosate has diminished the milkweed population (the larva’s only food source) so much that butterfly populations have dropped by 90%.

One day when many generations from now when people look back at the past, the follies of the food industry will leave our generation infamous. Inhibiting diseases and destroying beauty is far from what people are capable of. If our big brains have caused all these problems, surely we can un-cause it. It starts will being informed. One way to do that is to vote for the labeling of GMO foods. Some states have already tried but big companies have tried tirelessly to fight against labeling and won. Educating the population on the issue is the first and possibly most important step we need to take to reform the system, and create a healthier, more beautiful world.


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