The Hundreds – Cool Cats & Hot Dogs Summer Warehouse Sale 2014

The blazing heat and beach tans are not too far to what we know as SUMMER! The Hundreds held their annual Summer Warehouse Sale at their homebase that runs for two days. This year, they decided to do a little something different and have a BBQ for the many fans and supporters. From the Taco Bell truck catering to hungry fans, to live music from DJ’s in the mix, or even the outrageous sponsorship from RedBull, this was the spot if you wanted to be at to get some new gear, good food, and without a doubt, have a good time. Every warehouse sale The Hundreds hosts, you can count on several Golden Tickets to be hidden somewhere deep in the boxes of clothes. For this Cool Cat & Hot Dogs BBQ, each Golden Ticket was either for a great amount for store credit or a different prize such as the Tapatio collaboration bottle and tee, a bike, or even a stack of their printed magazines. Dedicated fans and supporters who were there at the start of the sale were lucky enough to find the Golden Tickets.

Dedicated fans of The Hundreds came in early within the week to camp out for days just to be the first in line and get first dibs on what they could find. I myself came at a later time, waited about an hour, still left the sale with satisfied with what I found. Check out the recap videos and hopefully in the future, get to experience how The Hundreds throws down a BBQ at the homebase.

IMG_9049Fans eagerly waiting to check out the warehouse sale



IMG_9059Grabbing what ever is left

IMG_9063Alex with Ben Hundreds
In Photo Source: JK Media

YouTube Source: The Hundreds