The Importance of Letting Go

Once we let go, we are free. That’s something I think about almost every day. Such a simple idea, yet for many of us so difficult to grasp. We are such a neurotic society, raised with expectations, rules, and burdens that we feel we must endure. We never find time anymore to stop, look around, breathe, and let go.

Learning to let go has been one of the most important things I have learned during my short time here. I think that we have such knee-jerk reactions to the things that happen to us, that it almost puts up a wall between letting go and holding on. We feel that the more we dwell on a conflict, the more solutions or justifications we can conjure up. We neglect to understand that everything happens for a purpose- what happens is not a mistake. We must let go and trust, an action we rarely look to.

Look outside, do you see how beautiful the world is? Grass, trees, flowers, the sky- everything is so open. Every bit of nature is so free and without burden. Serenity is the absolute core of nature, and something we should strive for. When you are stressed or depressed, look outside, and feel the quietude. Look how free from restraint everything outside is, breathe, let go and let be.

When an obstacle is in your path, don’t force your way through it. When a door is closed in your face, don’t try to knock it down, wait for another one to open. There is no such thing as luck-good or bad. There is no unfairness, there isn’t a force out there trying to push you back. Life moves forward- always, even when it looks like you took a turn for the worst, trust your instinct and rely on your patience.

If you let go of the negative, positivity rushes in to fill the void. Diffusion of life. If you let go and wait, the route you are best suited to take will open up. If you trust your instinct, follow your heart, and stay patient, you will succeed. You may not end up where you thought you’d be, but you’ll be where you belong.

“Simplicity, patience, compassion. These are your three greatest treasures.”-Lao Tzu



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