The Inventor that Needs to be in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

Many of us watch Basketball everyday. Some eat, sleep, and live Basketball. To some, Basketball is a religion. Basketball is their way of life. Since the game’s inception in December of 1891 at a YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts by Dr. James Naismith the evolution of the game has grown tremendously. It is only fair to cherish the game even more by learning more about the history of the game.

Kenny Sailors, 91, is credited as the inventor of the Jump Shot. His innovative move to surpass the defenders with their feet stuck to the ground was the Jump Shot. Kenny mentions that it took him years to develop. He learned how to develop this after playing against his taller brother when he was only 5’7. Kenny won championships in the NCAA, NIT, and AAU. Eventually he took his Jump Shot to the Professional level to play in the NBA until he was able to retire. He eventually spent 60 years with his wife, and has since then further developed his relationship with God. Kenny was never inducted into any Hall of Fame until 2012, when he was admitted into the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame. Recently, the University of Wyoming announced that they would be making a sculpture of Sailors outside of their Basketball arena. Hopefully, we can one day see Kenny Sailors inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts.