The Many Benefits of Zumba

Zumba is one of the hottest workouts today and I am one of its biggest fans. I am convinced that everyone can benefit from a good Zumba workout and that everyone should give it a try! These are some of my favorite aspects of a Zumba workout.

Total Body. The movements and choreography of Zumba are designed to target all areas of the body. The hip shaking and waist twisting dance movements aren’t just for fun—although they are really fun! Those movements target your abs and waist the lunges and squats incorporated into dances sculpt your legs and butt. And don’t forget, your arms are always moving too and instructors often suggest adding your own resistance to give them an extra push! If you check yourself every so often throughout a Zumba class to make sure you’re in the right form to maximize your workout, you will definitely feel the burn and see the results.

Coordination. Your first few classes might be a bit sloppy and you’ll feel like a hot, sweaty mess. But once you pick up the basics of the steps you’ll get into the groove of the music and rhythms. This will help improve your body’s overall coordination which will continue to benefit you in the long run. As you age, coordination can start to dwindle and lead to health and safety risks. Practicing Zumba will help to preserve your good coordination and keep you safe!

Confidence. The hot bod you get from sweating through Zumba sessions is great, but it’s nothing without confidence. But watching yourself hit those Latin inspired moves week after week in the mirror will definitely boost your confidence. Your dance moves and your ability to let yourself go when you enter the Zumba studio will do wonders for the way you see yourself and the way you carry yourself. Not to mention, your confidence in your body will sky rocket as you begin to notice the way Zumba shapes your body.

Work Out Wear. Zumba has their own line of work out clothes, sneakers, and accessories. All of the colors are bright and are certain to keep you smiling and happy even in the most tiring of Zumba classes, the shoes are made specifically for the type of movements you’ll be doing on the floor, and all of the sayings printed on the clothes and accessories are uplifting and motivating. Plus, many Zumba studios offer their own coupon code to get an even better deal when order Zumba gear online.

Instant Friends. If you’re a regular to your Zumba classes, you’re guaranteed to start seeing familiar faces each week. The other people in your classes can be a support system and will you be another motivation to continue going to classes. After a few weeks of smiling and saying hi to your Zumba cohorts, you’ll undoubtedly start grabbing a coffee after your sessions and shopping for work out gear together.

Waist Shrinking. Zumba’s signature moves are usually focused around the waist and hips to groove to the Latin beats. If you suck in your stomach, tighten your muscles, and focus on your core you’ll work that area with every step and notice significant improvements to your waistline and your muscle definition. An added benefit, you get the results of serious ab work without having to get down on the ground or suffer through planks and crunches.

The Music. 30% of the music used in a Zumba class can be the songs you hear on the Top 20 lists, but the rest are typically tunes that come from Latin and South America or from other countries around the world; Zumba instructors also incorporate belly dancing songs to boost the ab workout. The music is catchy, it instantly makes you want to dance, and Zumba gives you access to it. Music is such a big part of Zumba that there are even musicians and deejays who specifically produce songs that are directly distributed to instructors. These beats are literally made for your exercise pleasure and they’re exclusive tunes that only Zumba enthusiasts get to hear.

Do It At Your Level. Zumba instructors are trained to choreograph their heart-pounding routines with different levels of intensity using different variations of similar steps. If you’re the type of person that is used to high intensity workouts on a daily basis, you can get do the advanced moves even if there are others in the class who prefer low impact variations of the steps. If you want to up the impact of your work out, bend your knees, get a little lower, pumps your arms more, and exaggerate your hip movements. Little things will definitely improve the kind of workout you get. If you’re just looking for light cardio, stick to the basics that instructor shows you and don’t make your steps as bouncy. It will still get your heart rate up and you’ll leave class feeling satisfied.

Burn Crazy Calories. Most Zumba class run about 50-60 minutes with a warm up to start and a cool down to finish it out. Studies state that one Zumba session can burn anywhere from 500-800 calories, and in some cases even over 1,000 calories! And, because Zumba is so much fun, you’re having too much fun to notice just how much work you are doing. Running on the treadmill is monotonous and you’re constantly watching the clock and counting the calories that seem to be burning slower as time goes on, but Zumba is constantly changing and keeping you entertained. The time flies by and the calories melt away!

It’s a Party, Not a Workout. Zumba has always been marketed as the workout party and that’s what it is. The music is loud, the outfits are wild, and everyone is happy. This is the kind of workout that keeps you coming back. It’s not something you have to do so you can eat that pizza later. It’s something you really, really want to do everyday! It’s a high point and a fun escape from life’s everyday worries and stresses so do yourself a favor and join the party.