The MLB Postseason So Far…

The MLB post season has been amazing so far. So much drama, so many close games, and even an awesome 2 for 1 special(Game 2 of the NLDS). In honor of all the great baseball this post season, I would like to highlight all the big moments that have happened so far.

Giants do what they do
The giants have won their last 7  playoff elimination games as they take the National League Wild Card game from the pirates with an 8-0 shutout of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Royals steal Wild Card win from A’s in extra innings
Holy moly what a game! In one of the most epic Wild Card Games of all time, let’s break it down list style!

1. It’s a 3-2 Royal’s lead going into the 6th inning.
2. Royal’s ace replaced by rookie reliever in his first post season game and gives up 3 runs before being replaced. Inning ends with 2 more runs coming in and a 7-3 lead for the A’s
3. Three runs in the eighth and one in the ninth ties the game for the Royal’s and takes us to extra innings.
4. Callapso singles into left field, bringing in Reddick on 2nd(after a sac bunt to get him there) and gives the A’s a one point lead going into the bottom of the 12th
5. Hosmer triples, Colon singles and brings in the tying run. Colon steals 2nd for the Royal’s 7th stolen base. Salvador Perez hits walk-off single for one of the best comebacks in a Wild Card game.

Clash of the Titans
In what was expected to be an epic duel between arguably the  top two pitchers in baseball(Clayton Kershaw and Adam Wainwright) turned out to be a slugfest of home runs and RBI’s from both squads. With a game featuring 2 of the 3 pitchers to make it into the 20+ win club this season, this game completely flipped the script. Kershaw was cruising, the Dodgers were bringing them in, but with the help of Matt Carpenter, and a seven run 8th inning, the  Cardinals were able to take game 1 of the NLDS.

2 for 1 Special a.ka. “The Marathon Game” a.k.a. Game 2 of the NLDS
If you wanted to watch a six hour baseball game, the Giants and the Diamondbacks gave you won. 18 innings and 6 hours and 23 minutes made this the longest game in postseason history. The final score? 2-1 Giants. National’s pitcher, Jordan Zimmerman, who was one out away from a shutout, was pulled out of the game after walking Panik. The Giants go on to tie it that inning and both teams decide they want to play another game. The next nine innings is a real spectacle of solid play from both squads ending with a homer from Brandon Belt in the top of the 18th that the Diamondbacks can’t respond to.

Orioles tame the beast.
The Orioles came in strong and probably the favorite to win against the Tigers. And they did just that. Despite facing some of the leagues best pitchers in Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander, the Orioles were able to sweep Detroit to earn them a seat in the ALCS.

What the heck happened to the Angels
The Angels were one of the favorites to win it all going into the postseason. Mike Trout has been amazing and nobody was going to get in their way. Enter the Royals. It’s pretty crazy how the Royals had to win theirr wild card game in extra innings, trailing by as many as four, then they come out swinging against the leagues best team and takes them out in three straight games. That’s why baseball is beautiful.


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