The most amazing things about Life Is Beautiful 2016

Life is Beautiful was held last weekend on September 23 – 25, 2016 in Downtown Las Vegas. This festival is one of the most positive and uplifting music festivals I’ve ever been to. The moment I walked into the festival I said to myself, “I definitely want to go again next year!” Life is Beautiful had so much to offer. It wasn’t just about the music and it’s line up, it was about the experience.

Here are the 8 amazing things I enjoyed about the festival:

The location.  Life is Beautiful turns over the classic Downtown Las Vegas into a beautiful sanctuary filled with vivid art, lively music and good vibes.  The venue is surrounded with lights and colors originally made for the town but Life is Beautiful adds in spectacular murals and art installations to create an even more vibrant atmosphere.

The beautiful ark work. The festival is surrounded by beautiful art work created by artists all over the world. There were many different inventive art installations that were created through the use of  sustainability. Many of the art pieces were made out of all recycled materials such as recycled plastic bags, metals, and car parts.. The Western Hotel hosted an art exhibition of different art works provided by Crimes on Canvas.The festival was surrounded by many glamorous art murals on every building, these murals get to stay on the walls until next year’s event. The event also provided small creative stages to enclose the event with even more music. In Downtown’s Container Park area, they had live freestyle graffiti art hosted by Secret Walls amazing the  audience with their creative abilities.

The cuisine: Life is Beautiful had so much great food. Many of Vegas’s most innovative and delicious restaurants brought over their most tastiest dishes There were many types of food from different cultures. To name a few, they had food trucks such as 50 Shades of Green that brought out great vegan food, Oming’s Kitchen provided tasty filipino food, COOLHAUS and Funnel Cake Cafe brought out tasty desserts. Food villages had restaurants such as N9NE Steakhouse, BBD’s, Aloha Kitchen, Buldogis and many more. They also opened up Downtown’s Container Park providing more restaurants and boutiques.

The lectures: Ideas are beautiful. If you wanted to take a break from the outside heat, you could go inside the lecture hall and listen to guest speakers. Many different speakers such as beatboxers, inspirationalist, TED talks speakers, and poets performed at the event. I was able to see a couple of the lectures. JayRBeatbox spoke about his interests in beatboxing and is story how he became a  beatboxer. He even taught the audience some of his beatboxing skills.  I only go to see a bit of Farhoud Meybodi, but he really inspired me with positive facts about how challenges are meant to be in your life and how you grow from them. All of the guest speakers I’m sure gave very uplifting lectures and all conveyed a positive message.

The comedy: They had live comedy shows at his event. I didn’t get to see any acts but I thought it was really cool they had this feature. Who doesn’t love a good laugh?

Re-entry policy: Attendees were allowed to re-enter the music festival. General Admission attendees were allowed to re-enter once before 9pm. and VIP attendees were allowed to re-enter an unlimited amount of times.  This was a really awesome because you were able to leave the festival to go relax back in your hotel, pick up any items you may have forgotten, or go get turnt and grab drink at the nearby bars.

The easy entrance to the festival: There were multiple entrances at the festival allowing the flow of traffic to be super light and quick. The security was really chill. It only took about 5 minutes to go through the entrance. I was able to bring in unopened water bottles and candy into the festival with no problems. The security pat down the guys but didn’t pat down the girls.

The line-up: Life is Beautiful had a really diverse line-up this year. It wasn’t just all one genre. They mixed it up from EDM to rock to hiphop, which is really great because it attracts many different kinds of people. They had EDM artist such as Snake Hips, Gallants, Seven Lions, and Major Lazer. Alternative – EDM artists such as Empire of the Sun and Chromeo. Alternative – rock artists such as Jimmy Eat World, Mummford and Sons, and The Lumineers. Hip-hop artist such as G-Eazy, Kehlani, and J.Cole. There was so many great acts all playing at the same time, I couldn’t stay at just one stage. I was jumping from the Troubadour Stage to the Ambassador Stage to the Downtown Stage  all three days.

I just loved how every where I turned, someone or something would remind me how beautiful my life is. The music, the artwork, the people, they food, the lectures, and the atmosphere reminded me that without the bad things in life, you wouldn’t know what good is. Be grateful for your struggles because they teach that the bad things in life can turn into something beautiful.

I really had no negative feelings about the festival. Although, the food was really expensive. The price range for items was about $7 to $20. They did have a re-enter policy though, so you could buy cheap food outside the festival and just come back. I definitely recommend going to this festival next year! This is one of the music festivals that you need to go to for the experience. Regardless of which artist are going to be on the line-up, you’ll definitely know you’ll have a great time without them.

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