The Best Airplane Ride Of Your Life


Have you ever tried to be productive on an airline flight and failed? Delta Airlines and LinkedIn is going to change that. Delta Airlines is now introducing their Delta Innovation Class. This is Delta’s new mentoring program that is just going to take place at 35,000 feet in the air.

Hand picked innovators and leaders in respective industries will be traveling to select events around the world. The seat next to them will be open, and it will be available for YOU. Delta’s Innovation Class is your chance to be in that seat and learn from the some of the world’s top innovative leaders. It’s a chance to get a once in a lifetime chance to meet, connect, and receive a unique learning experience from an industry mentor that you look up to. Delta and LinkedIn are even giving you the chance to nominate what mentors you want to learn from in the Innovation Class.

This is probably the most innovative thing any airline carrier has ever done. This new Innovation class has the ability to change the world and create a new class of leaders and innovative ideas. Would you sign up for it? All you have to do is log into your LinkedIn and go to the Delta Innovation Class website to apply. Good Luck!



Photo Source: Delta Airlines