The New Job: Right or Wrong?

Starting a new position, in a new company is one of the most exciting experiences that many encounter, but starting over is always terrifying and unpredictable. At some point those that work to provide for their family and themselves will leave a job to start a new one. Starting a new position is always an enormous decision that effects all of those you support and indirectly effects those that want to see you succeed. As a new employee, there are new co-workers, new management, a new location, and a whole set of new responsibilities to manage and complete.

The first two or three days of any new job will be filled with your supervisor and others constantly offering relevant knowledge in regards to the position you have filled, office culture, and specific information about other employees that will directly work with you. In fact, many people will start their new job at the end of the week for the purpose of becoming acclimated to the new environment. Though the amount of information being received is overwhelming, taking notes on company culture, official and unofficial duties of your position, and the various knowledge provided by your new colleagues will assist you greatly in understanding the new company and the people there. The moment all of the welcoming and knowledge about the company have been solidified, then the evaluation of the company should begin.

The evaluation of the company is more than your personal thoughts about the company. It is the observations that you have made that has the ability to determine if this is a career move for the best or the worst. When you have reached the first weekend after starting your new job, it is imperative to review everything you have learned from what has been told and seen. This includes reactions in those around you, to how everyone communicates with one another, and group activities from walking to the Starbucks across the street for coffee to conversations about family and adventures. By collecting and evaluating this given information, a decision whether to stay or continue to search for better opportunities will be confirmed. Any transition can be difficult and maintaining a positive outlook is not simple either, but in staying positive and rationale your emotions will not be the ultimate factor in whether the current place of employment was a decision made in error. Other than gaining history and knowledge of the company and its culture, the company, medical, dental, and other health benefits that you receive will also factor into whether you choose to stay or not.

When most people take on a new role, it is for higher pay and title. The type of health coverage will depend solely on the company as not all of them offer these benefits especially if the company is small. If the salary and benefits that you were promised were less than pleasing than this will not be a long-term position as you may find yourself working hard and feeling underpaid. Also, joining a company that promise future promotions and raises will require some research through your co-workers in terms of finding out if they have held other positons or received a raise with the company. There are many managers and supervisors that offer empty promises, but few that actually deliver on their promises. It is also important not to engage in conversations that could be considered gossip or idle, but take mental note and comprehend those speaking as there may be truth and issues with the company that are not being addressed or acknowledged.

After formal and informal introductions, the time to make an impression with your assignments will occur. Any assignment during your probation should be done efficiently and include additional information when possible as this exhibits a care to go beyond expectations. As probations may last 90 days, 6 months, and in some companies up to a year staying out of any office drama and completing duties and assignments in a timely manner is necessary. The longer that you are with a company, the more flaws you see. However, your relationship with the company executives and those with influence will factor into any possibility of solving the problems. The fact remains any new job is going to be a journey and possibly a stepping stone to your current dream as it has become uncommon for any person to continue with the same company for all of their professional life.


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