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The Power of Appreciation

Encouraging words, praising gestures, smiling motivation, inspiring advice, constructive criticism, valuable suggestions and an endless list of appreciative acts. Acknowledgment and appreciation go a long way in radiating energy, enthusiasm, interest and excitement. When we appreciate those around us, we invite them towards improvement. By acknowledging deeds and praising efforts, we are able to bring in positivity.

Appreciation has the power to unite people. While we appreciate our loved ones for their support, presence, patience and guidance, we are able to channelize happiness and joy in any relation. Though efforts may be minimal or contribution may appear insignificant, it is essential to express our gratitude with words of appreciation. As an energy booster that pushes us towards hard work, appreciation ensures better preparation in every action.

While we rejoice under the warmth of appreciation, it motivates us towards every task that follows. Reminding us of our capabilities and prompting us towards improvement, appreciation provides the much needed fodder. With words of praise and acts of encouragement, appreciation throws light over our goals. Appreciating our family, friends, teachers, neighbors, acquaintances take us closer to the joy of living. Strengthening our bonds, relations, trust and commitment, words of appreciation add magic to every transaction.

Taking our loved ones for granted or failure to acknowledge their contributions sow seeds of hatred. Lack of appreciation result into fading shades of success. While we work with no appreciation or move around with no motivation, we come across several blocks in our path. A tool that assures us of our good deeds and recognizes our hard work, appreciation is undoubtedly necessary for a smooth, hassle free journey. As we appreciate people in life, we realize the good qualities hidden deep within. Learning from these features, we can draw inspiration in our own conduct.

Appreciation is nothing but celebrating our perfectness while striving to change the imperfect things. By encouraging the good in others, we are able to magnify happiness, amplify satisfaction and inspire journey on a worthy track. Appreciation keeps us connected within the scope of social bonding. As we communicate our feelings of joy and highlight the gems in a person’s conduct, appreciation spreads magic of connectivity. A language spoken by all or a course studied by each one, appreciation does not know boundaries of religion, caste, age, nationality or gender. Originating from a heart that feels, words of appreciation unite the knowns with the unknowns. As innumerable people greet our journey every passing day, appreciation is the only means to realize and recognize their significant contribution.

With this backdrop of appreciation, what are the various factors we most commonly appreciate?

What are the relations and reasons in each that inspire us to walk down the appreciation lane?

As every relation is unique and every bond wonderful; let us look at the various aspects that can bring out these words of appreciation.

  1. Parents – appreciate their eagerness
  • to experience every single development of their kids
  • to be around with them forever
  • to guide, inspire, motivate, push, support their decisions
  • to let them encounter failures, while motivating about success
  1. Siblings – appreciate their support
  • to share things with each other
  • to be an enthusiastic partner while experimenting with novel ideas
  • to act as a friend at home by negotiating with parents or partnering in various tasks.
  1. Friends – appreciate their presence in life
  • to shower us with love, support and care
  • to offer help at any point of time
  • to argue, fight, discuss, tease yet ensure happiness of company and joy of nearness.
  1. Work – appreciate its scope
  • to offer opportunities for betterment, progress and development
  • to provide a purpose of living, opening doors to hard work, practice and perseverance
  • to occupy our mind, body and thoughts with constructive output

Several reasons like these encourage us towards the power of appreciation. Gratitude, praises, motivation, smiles form an all-in-one package offering magic of appreciation.

Appreciate those around you, encourage them with kind words and valuable suggestions; after all at times, a single motivational push is all it takes to fuel our journey called life.


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