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The Scandals of the Democratic National Comittee

Politics always has been a controversial topic but lately it’s leaving us with even more questions. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) recently had their e-mail’s leaked talking about how to manage the media and political parties. Below is a list of the of how the DNC actually works.

1. Jill Stein, who is the Green Party’s nominee for President of the United States, exposes the truth about the DNC through Twitter.  dnc-leak-1

2. A list of donors are offering certain amounts of money to acquire a position. You can be the Ambassador of Spain for the price of $2 million dollars!


3. Rachel Palermo, the Democratic National Committee’s Press Assistant, mentioned that one of their funded websites was hacked. These websites are controlled by people who are against the Republican Party. Some ideas include a staged a protest on minimum wage and handing out placards that made fun of Donald Trump for the Republican National Convention.


4.  These are the top trends currently happening right now. #DNCleak isn’t trending as it did before.


5. The media is not covering the DNC Leaks. This is the video of Fox News discussing how the media is not covering the leaks.

6. The news is not telling the truth, look how they are controlling the CNN top story.


7. Did you ever wonder why Bernie Sanders suddenly dropped out of the presidential race? The DNC would falsely accuse information about Sanders.

8. To top it off, the DNC favored Hilary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. The whole plan was to sabotage Sanders and his campaign in order to make Clinton the stronger candidate. Read this short article here.


9. In this specific e-mail it states that if protestors don’t attend, the DNC will use their own staff to continue the scheduled protest.


10. The blame of this scandal was Debbie Wassernab Schultz, she was the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. She sabotaged both the Democratic and Republican party, claiming that she was neutral throughout the whole presidential election. After her resignition as chairwoman, Hilary Clinton then rehired Schultz to be part of her campaign.

Spread awareness about this issue and let people know what is happening right now. Use the hashtag #DNCLeak when writing a post on your social media. Do your own research by inputting the hashtag. To view more information about the leaks this is the Wikileaks website. We need you to be the voice for others!



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