The Two Paths of Life

It takes a long time for most people to take a step back from what they are doing and really think about the path they are taking. For some, it takes years, and for others it may take longer. Some take that important step too late, and are unable to correct their most important mistakes, only to fall victim to them repeatedly throughout life.

As cliché as it sounds, life truly is a long journey. For some, it is a winding path full of exploration and understanding. Unfortunately for some it is simply a car ride down a long monotonous highway. The choice lies solely within yourself, and one can quite often and quite easily bounce between paths without noticing the slightest change.
The winding path will always be the better option. The winding path will lead you to things you will not expect, things that will change you for the better. Experience is one of the reasons you are on this earth. Learning from what you experience everyday makes you a little wiser than you were the day before. Fulfillment does not lie in a straight track, it lies hidden somewhere on your specific path. The path is not always easy, but it is worth it.

The straightforward highway is a road that too many travel on. It is easy, it is labeled, it is detailed and simple for you to understand. It is planned and dull, and it will lead you to a place you do not need to be. You will come out of it a lesser person, with only superficial gain. You will not have learned anything of true significance, only what is held significant by those on the same path. It is plain and it is empty, and will lead you to regret.

Life around you moves fast, it moves fast enough for us at least. It is scary and it is overwhelmingly intimidating. Do not become monotonous. If you finding yourself becoming too synchronous, change. Sometimes doing what feels natural trumps doing what is said to be right. Sometimes changing your path of monotony and structure to a path of spontaneity and understanding is what is necessary for you to be happy. Do not force yourself to stay stagnant. There is no neutral on the path of life, there is only forward and reverse. You are either progressing or you are shortchanging yourself; you are never staying the same.

So pick wisely! Take risks and explore! There is a whole world around you that can only be seen if you take the winding path, and it is beautiful! Regret is inevitable, it will always be there no matter how hard you try to live by the typical “no regrets” lifestyle. However you can lessen those regrets by taking chances on things that feel right to you. The universe is a strange force, but it works in your favor. Let it take you where you need to go, and not where you are expected to go. You will find love, happiness, and peace in this life, but only on the road less traveled.



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