Tom’s Urban For The Win

When you go to a Lakers or Clippers game, you usually check out LA Live at some point during your visit. There are many great restaurants to choose from. You can play it safe and go to Yardhouse or check out one of the other fine dining options they have to offer.

After the Clippers Fan Festival, my friends and I decided to check out Tom’s Urban. Just hearing the name gets me thinking that this place was going to be super fancy or really hip; it was both with a side of sports. Upon entering the restaurant, you saw two sections– a classy, fine dining section and a modern sports bar side. We were seated on the bar side and immediately felt that this would be a great place to check out Monday Night Football. The feelings were reinforced by the extended happy hour specifically for Monday Night Football.

After being handed the menu, it was explained to us that the restaurant specialized in small plate items with a few sandwiches and burgers available as well. We ordered the pork belly sliders, the Truffle Portobello burger, the lobster roll, and a side of garlic parmesan fries for the table. The first thing that came out were the fries. I really enjoyed the string cut fries but the two unique ketchups that came with it really took the fries to another level. They were so good, we had to order a second round of fries after our meal came out. The pork belly sliders were pretty good. The pork belly was fried to the right consistency and the flavors really stood out. The Truffle Portobello burger was perfect. Medium rare is the way to go, and the truffles were excellent. Last but not least was the lobster roll. They did not skimp on the Lobster, and for $15 dollars, I got what I paid for. The one thing we all agreed on was the bread our meals we had was awesome. It was really buttery and soft.

All in all, the experience was cool. It would probably be better during their peak hours but it was fine nonetheless.

Just a word of warning, apparently wearing a Clippers jersey draws out all the Lakers fans and I got a lot of grief for it while I was in the bathroom.  Next time, I will be in a Lakers jersey.



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