Top 5 Reasons You Should Try Spinning (Indoor Cycling)

1. Change in workout routine

When your body becomes accustomed to the same workout routine over time, it consumes less energy, therefore leaving you at a plateau for your weight loss goals. Changing up your fitness plan challenges your muscles, resulting in more weight loss. It’s also less boring (for those who hate working out) since you aren’t doing the same thing every day.

2. Low impact exercise

Spinning is low impact. It puts less pressure on your joints, making it a great exercise for people who suffer from knee pain. Don’t let the term low-impact fool you though, spinning is tough!

3. Great cardio and calorie burn

Classes range from 45-60 minutes. On average, you can burn between 400-500 calories. You build endurance, improving your cardio ability. This in turn allows you to push yourself harder next class resulting in a higher calorie burn.

4. Increased motivation

This is my favorite part about spin class – it’s empowering. There is something about the whole environment of the room. The awesome music blasting in the background, riding on that beat. The instructor’s encouraging dialogue. You become more determined to ride harder during class but I’ve found that the same determination stays with me throughout the day in my other daily tasks.

5. You will feel amazing afterwards

Okay, so you might be a little nauseous after your first class but that’s just because you did such an awesome job! You will feel proud that you pushed yourself to work hard and the total calorie burn will put a smile on your face.

A few tips for first time spinners

  • Introduce yourself to the instructor and have them set you up properly on the bike. They will be happy to do this.
  • Always bring a full bottle of water and a small towel to class.
  • Try a few different classes with different instructors. Each instructor has their own style of ride as well as music choice. Find one that best suits you.
  • If you are serious about becoming a regular spinner, you can invest in some great spin shoes that are specialized for the bike. These shoes give you better pedal performance.


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