Travel Light 101

Can you imagine yourself lugging around a 80L backpack with 2 large oversized suitcases on your vacation?

Nowadays, airlines are charging for checked in luggage.  International flights often have first bag check-in free, but national flights often take $25 for first bag.  Check the airline website before your flight.

Going on a 3 week backpacking trip with different climates? For example, to the beaches of Brazil, then heading over down to the glaciers of Patagonia on the same trip?

No worries! I got you covered!

Bring a jacket that compacts to a small size.  Many stores are coming out with Ultralight Down jackets for the travelers.

Another trick is to wear your heavy clothes on the plane.  Hiking boots, jeans, heavy jacket.  Wear it all, carry less.

Limit yourself to 2 long pants, 2 pairs of shoes, and only pack a week’s worth of clothes.  You can find laundry anywhere, if not, you can hand wash your clothes daily.  My special trick while backpacking was to shower with my shirt on, soap up and wash the shirt while showering.  Many countries have laundry services where you drop off your laundry, and charge by weight.  When you pick up your clothes, they are already nicely folded.  If you are going to a touristic destination, most likely they are going to sell cheap shirts.  Plan on bringing less than a week’s worth and you can buy clothes there only if needed.

Try packing dual purpose clothes.  Layering is the key so wear that breathable shirt in tropical climates and use it as your base layer in colder climates.  Have you seen those long pants that have zippers that convert into shorts?  There you go, the beauty of dual purpose.

Another trick many travelers swear by is the Compression Bag or Space Bags.  After filling the plastic bag full of clothes, ziplock it and then squeeze out all the air.  This results in clothes compacting into ½ the original size.

You can find Compression Bags on Amazon.

Now girls, I know you want to bring your whole make-up bag and jewelry rack, but minimalistic and necessity are the key.  Try picking out a foundation with a stronger SPF.  Instead of a 24 ounce shampoo and conditioner, pick out a 2-in-1 combo in a traveler size.  For a longer vacation, buy your beauty products over at your destination.  TSA Regulations do not allow liquid, soap, or toothpaste larger than 3.4 oz.  Many supermarkets and pharmacies have a travel section mini version of their products, so buy some of those little guys.  Be assured that your destination would most likely carry cosmetics and beauty products.

Leave your fancy jewelry at home.  Never bring gold.  My family took a trip to Naples in Italy and wanted to visit the famous local pizza joint, where supposedly pizza first started.  As we were walking, three men jumped out of their motorcycle, ran for my mom and started pulling on her gold bracelet.  My fiesty mom didn’t want to let go of her valuable gold bracelet.  My uncle and father had to jump on the Italian men, until they all scattered away quickly on their motorbikes.  Luckily, they didn’t pull out any weapon or fight and nobody was hurt.  The bracelet was slightly  bent.  As of today, I strictly do not travel with my mom if she brings any type of jewelry.

Ladies, don’t bring all your best dresses.  Just pick one versatile dress.  Twelveways allows you to wear one dress twelve ways in shirt, skirts, and a dress.

Another revolutionary travel dress is the Versalette and allows you to wear it 30 different ways.  Although priced at $110, the soft material converts to 12 different ways to wear a dress, long skirt, short skirt, shirt, scarf, and a tanktop all in one.

The key to traveling light is to pack smart.  Really try determining your necessity with your desires.  As Baloo from Jungle Book sings you only need “the simple bare necessities.”


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