“Twin Peaks” Returns

David Lynch dropped a Twitter bomb and nearly broke the internet. The eccentric filmmaker announced that the cult classic, “Twin Peaks,” will return 25 years after the cliffhanger ending of its second season. He posted a teaser (the word teaser has never been used more appropriately) that was simply Laura Palmer, the classic Twin Peaks welcome sign, the Showtime logo, and the date, 2016, all with the haunting Angelo Badalamenti score raising the anticipation level. I seriously had goosebumps and held my breath for the full minute. I was then reminded that in the finale, Laura tells Agent Cooper, “I’ll see you again in 25 years,” and my head just about exploded. The limited series will consist of nine episodes all helmed by Lynch with co-creator, Mark Frost, returning to write and produce. It’s been almost 25 years since we were in the small logging town, so Showtime will re-air the first two seasons in an effort to build buzz for the new season, which will be set in the present. Speculation is in full force as to who in the original cast will return, what the town of Twin Peaks will be like, and what answers will be revealed from the shocking ending of the series finale. Twitter fans have been weighing in with funny conjectures hash-tagged, #moderntwinpeaks.

Being a hard core “Twin Peaks” fan myself, I am simultaneously thrilled and nervous. Will the odd-ball town and its quirky inhabitants work in our present day world of organic, fair trade coffee, hipsters, boutique hotels, and social media? “Arrested Development” returned after 10 years since its premiere episode to an excited, still loyal fan base, but seemed to lose its nostalgic luster after the first couple of episodes. The good news is that Lynch is still as weird as ever and hopefully won’t compromise his vision for the reboot. So, feel free to break out the percolator and have a cup of damn fine coffee to celebrate.


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