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What Exactly is Proposition 57?

This upcoming November a series of propositions will be voted in order to create new laws. One of the ballots being voted for is Proposition 57, it represents how there is parole for non-violent criminals. Not everyone who are in jail are criminals and there are people who are treated with injustice. Instead of focusing on individuals who don’t harm our society, there are dangerous people breaking the law. These type of criminals include murderers or even rapists.

Society is changing by the day, the younger generation needs to voice their opinion and envision the outcome of the future. Currently the individuals who are managing the ballots are the elderly and don’t target the younger population. We can make a change in the world and shape a better future for upcoming generations. This is just one proposition, imagine how many other propositions are unfair towards others? Don’t forget to vote because you do make a change in the world one step at a time.



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