What I would do with $425 Million dollars?

The Powerball drawing, on February 20, 2014, was worth over $425 million dollars before taxes. It was announced that there was a winning ticket sold in Milpitas, CA but no one has claimed the prize yet. It is very common for people to wait a few days before claiming it because of initial shock of winning or simply not knowing what to do with such a substantial amount of money. Well, fear not winner! I am here to give you a few ideas with what to do with it all.


1. The “Big Kahuna” purchase.

If you decide you want to spend all that money on one big purchase, why not buy the Air Bus 380 Private Plane. It costs around $300 million for the plane itself and with the additions ranging between $100-$150 million dollars, its right in your ball park. Careful not to go too overboard, the Saudi Prince ended up having to pay over $500 million for his.

Here are just a few of the features.

Photos Source: Daily Mail UK


2. The “Michael Jordan” Package

Photo Source: Chicago Now


Wanna be like Mike? Then this package was made for you. Just purchase these items and no one will be able to tell the difference between you and “His Airness.”
Jordan’s purchase of the Charlotte Bobcats $175,000,000

Jordan’s First Marriage(His first wife’s divorce settlement) $168,000,000

The “Air Jordan” Private Jet $50,000,000

Michael’s Chicago House $16,000,000

Delta Air Center Basketball Court(The actual floor) $1,000,000

Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson signed basketball from music video “Jam”- $294,000

Signed Jordan’s XII Shoe from “The Flu Game”- $104,000

Total cost-  $410,398,000


3. The Sharing is Caring Plan

Photo Source: East Side La Lifestyle


If you’re the generous  type and have a 1000 friends, this plan is for you. Instead of just thinking of yourself, why not go out and buy a thousand of the following to make everyone’s lives a little better.

1. Egg White McMuffin Combo with coffee – Start your day right, it’s delicious and only 400 calories! – $4690.00

2.  Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP DSLR – A super nice camera. The world would be so much better if everyone were taking high quality pictures! – $420,000

3.  Disneyland Premium Pass – Everyone deserves to be able to go to the happiest place on earth… without blackout days. $669,000

4. Prius 5 – 50 mpg and it comes in a variety of different colors! – $30,005,000

5. Las Vegas Home (El Dorado Heights) – Why go on the strip when you and your friends have a thousand houses to party in… don’t forget to make sure it’s invite only.  $300,000,000

6. The Lego Movie – Recreate you and your friends as Lego’s in order to save Bricksburg and the Lego Universe from Lord Business and the Kragle! That would be awesome! $60,000,000 budget for the movie.

Total Cost- $391,998,690


4. Superhero Complex Resolution

Photo Source: newmillgay


If you’re like me, after watching dozens of different superhero cartoons and movies, you secretly want to be a superhero. You may not be able to fly or have super strength but you can be a hero by donating your money to some of these great organizations!

1. Breast Cancer Research Foundation– Help fund this organization that is working hard to prevent and cure breast cancer.

2. Fallen Heroes Fund– This organization helps military personal wounded and injured during service.

3. Alzheimer’s Foundation of America – With personal experience with a loved one having Alzheimer’s, this is a great organization that helps individuals and their families suffering with Alzheimer’s and other similar illnesses.

4. The International Rescue Committee – This organization helps refugees with life saving services in over 40 different countries.

5. The Animal Welfare Institute – Established in 1951, AWI helps reduce animal suffering caused by people.

Total Cost- $424,000,000

Save a million for yourself ;)

Thanks for entertaining some of the ridiculous ideas I came up with on spending all that money. I hope the lucky winner is reading this. In the end, there are thousands of different things to do with your winnings. The first thing you should do though is claim your prize!



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