When we take things for granted…

From relationships to resources, from homes to hearts, from family to friends, from nature to neighbor, from creation to commodity, from anything to everything; we often find ourselves taking things for granted. Be it authority or power, be it obligation or compulsion, we always manage to hunt for a reason that can justify this habit. Not realizing it, until it’s too late, repair and remark may also prove impossible. Acknowledgment, appreciation, gratitude, courtesy go a long way for a successful deal, allowing radiance of happiness and satisfaction. It is essential to realize and respect every single thing in our life as a moral responsibility towards the joy of living.

Wealth, qualification, influence or assets may not be able to reach out for every trouble, as these encounter limitations in their own course. Gratitude and kindness are the only companions that may choose to stay with us forever. Besides acknowledging the presence of people in our lives and appreciating them for their support, it is also essential to protect and nurture every single resource that we utilize. From the amazing Mother Nature that gifts us with wonders for survival to amenities and facilities we create for our own benefits, taking any of them for granted can offer nothing except sorrow and regrets.

A recent short power outage situation in our neighborhood pulled me towards these thoughts of ‘taking for granted.’ Not charging cellular phones in advance due to unlimited supply of power as and when required and not stocking the house with candles were some of the errors that made me realize about this unavoidable habit. Though this encounter was a short one limited to one of the resources, it prompted me to think about every single thing in life.

Taking care of our own belongings, expressing our feelings towards people we love, striving towards judicious usage and conservation of resources, communicating in a healthy manner are some of the acts that can take us away from the incorrect mannerism of ungratefulness. As nothing in life is permanent, with theme of uncertainty dominating our experiences, expression of gratitude is essential at each and every step. A habit to be polished right from childhood, teaching kids about the power of being thankful is extremely essential.

These thoughts always fuel my admiration towards the trend of ‘Thanksgiving’. An occasion to thank our family, friends, relatives, work, health and happiness, this celebration offers an excellent opportunity to express our gratitude. Though delivery of ‘thank you’ cannot be limited to a single holiday and needs to be celebrated all year long, occurrence of thanksgiving decorates this activity with joy in our hearts.

So, while pondering about these ‘taking for granted’ incidences, let us look at some of the common errors in our life and solutions over them. Occurrences that prompt us towards our mistakes, instances that enlighten us towards ungratefulness; these reminders can make us feel guilty. If we find ourselves relating with these, we know the destination of our next thank-you!


  1. Error: Taking family for granted

Solution: Spend dedicated family time at least during one meal of the day to share about daily experiences, encounters and adventures.


  1. Error: Taking our own self for granted

Solution: Involve yourself in hobbies or activities that you love, work hard towards your own happiness and peace, spend alone time, invest in wellbeing of body, mind and soul.


  1. Error: Taking friends for granted

Solution: Commit, plan, execute and fulfil meeting session with friends. Be it for a short time over coffee or a long trip for days, spending time with friends is certainly the most wonderful way to express gratitude.


  1. Error: Taking neighborhood for granted

Solution: Flash a smile, talk to neighbors, take interest in neighborhood or participate in community activities to be involved with society around.


  1. Error: Taking our mother nature for granted

Solution: Conserve water, eliminate use of plastic bags, plant trees, and adopt practices such as reduce, reuse, recycle.


  1. Error: Taking our city for granted

Solution: Keep it clean and beautiful, encourage others to follow the same.


  1. Error: Taking amenities, services and facilities for granted

Solution: Switch off the appliances when not needed, use amenities like washer/dryer only with full load to avoid wastage of water and electricity.



While most of us must be following every single solution in the above list, following them with dedication will take us closer to the wonders of life. By taking care of these assets, we can ensure unlimited supply of happiness, peace, satisfaction and success forever. Though we cannot eliminate every single error from our system, we can certainly reduce the occurrences of, ‘When we take things for granted…’


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