Should HMSF take full responsibility for the 3 deaths that happened this weekend?

Yet another tragedy has fallen upon the music festival world as 3 people pass away at this year’s HARD Summer Music Festival. This year’s music festival took place at the Auto Club Speedway at Fontana, California. This is the 3rd venue HARD Summer has moved to since its first death that occurred back in 2013.

As of current, the causes of death for each person has yet to be identified. Music festivals, especially electronic dance music (EDM) based events, have a record of instances in which deaths have occurred due to drug overdose. Drugs are exceptionally popular at these events and many people tend to associate music festivals with drugs such as Ecstasy, LSD, Cocaine and more.

This past June, a SoCal resident died at the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas. EDC is known as one of the biggest raves in the world. About 185,000 people attended this festival. The death was caused by a drug overdose of Ecstasy and Cocaine. At this same event, another raver died in 2010, forcing the decision to move EDC from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Even then, deaths at EDC have continued to occur for multiple year after.

HARD Summer has their own record of deaths. They have had a death every year since 2013.

There has been a pattern going on with deaths and music festivals; however, there are a multitude of factors that come into play when it comes to deaths at music festivals. Although drug overdose has been the most focused on and heated topic among the causes of death at music festivals, other forms of harm done to event goers include heat exhaustion, dehydration, seizures, and other personal medical conditions.

How do we prevent this issue?

Many people blame these raves and music festivals for the cause of these deaths. Many people have mentioned that it was due to the events lack of organization. Others complain that medical tents, provided by the festival, lack essential medical supplies to attend to those in need.

Here’s a post on Reddit about an EMTs experience of the event:

AN EMT SPEAKS OUT ON HARD SUMMER’S MEDICAL STAFF OVERSIGHTS "I’ve never seen worse planning than this" from HardFestival


Are we supposed to blame the event itself for the causes of death? Are we supposed to blame any music festival for a person dying? I agree, HARD could have been more organized. They could have better medical staff and equipment. They could have prevented this issue if they had better security. They could have done a lot of things, but I do not think HARD is ALL to blame for this. 

HARD provides us with an event that WE CHOOSE TO GO TO. There are many risks going to a music festival as just as there are many risk going in a car or an airplane or even walking outside. The people who have died from overdosing on drugs, the families and friends can not the blame the music festival for the cause of their death. Last year, HARD Summer got sued because a girl died  from Ecstasy. These music festivals do have restrictions. Illegal drugs are one of them but people are able to sneak them in hiding it in places where security are blind to.

People who do take drugs at music festivals need to be responsible of their actions and need to know the what affects these drugs can do to you especially mixed with other factors such as heat, water, alcohol, and other personal medical conditions. People can not blame the music festival, nor the creators of the music festival, for the cause of them dying, especially if it is due to drugs that are restricted by the festival’s rules and regulations. Everyone has their own limits. People need to know that and be responsible of that. We all make a choice, no matter who or what influences us. Ultimately we are the ones who make choices, and the responsibility falls upon our own shoulders when those choices are made

It’s really tragic that people do die from these events but we live in a world that is sometimes cold and unfair. Whether or not these deaths were drug related or not, the fact that someone has passed away still remains. People die everyday and as we mourn and grieve for their deaths, there are other deaths happening everyday which are not music festival related.

Threatening to cancel a music festival isn’t a solution that will prevent all of this from happening. Many of these deaths do happen from a drug overdose but you cannot stop people from doing what they want to do. Drugs are everywhere, not just music festivals or concerts. They are in clubs, bars, parties, and other surroundings. Many people actually go to these events for the music and stay sober.

Knowledge is power. People should always do their research on what is going on in the world. There is no one person or organization we can blame for any of these tragedies. Things happen to us and some of these happenings are great while some of them are tragic. There is really no one we can blame for this and just hope music festival goers will be more responsible and the organizers of future music festivals will be more prepared.