Why You Should Get Amazon Prime Right Now!

So for those who aren’t familiar with Amazon Prime, it is one of the most valuable purchases a person could make. For only $99 per year(and a month free trial), you get tons of perks. When you’re on Amazon, you can spend $35 (it used to be $25) and get free shipping on all eligible purchases. With Prime, you get unlimited free shipping on all eligible Prime items(most items are) and you get two-day shipping instead of the standard 5-14 days for regular shipping. If you are someone who spends all there time online buying things, this benefit alone can make Prime worth it. But wait, there’s more! If you are subscribed to Netflix and/or Spotify, you should cancel your subscriptions immediately. Amazon has Prime Instant Video and Prime Music. After using both of these, I must say that the comparison is pretty close. If you like reading, they offer millions of free eBooks for download. And lastly, for anybody in California or the Seattle area, you get access to AmazonFresh which delivers fresh produce, groceries, and even delivery from plenty of restaurants right to your door step. So check out Prime free for a month and I promise you you’ll want to keep it indefinitely!


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