Why you should go to Heroes & Villains Fanfest this year

If you love the TV shows Arrow, The Flash and Once Upon A Time, Fanfest is the convention for you. Heroes and Villains Fanfest is a one of a kind conventions for the superhero fandom enthusiast. This will be the second year Fanfest will be hosting in San Jose, California.

This year’s Fanfest will be featuring celebrities from your favorite TV show such as Arrow and The Flash. Which is pretty awesome because they are from the same DC universe. Other TV shows will be featured as well such as Once Upon a Time, Heroes, and The Walking Dead.

The Following stars will be featured at this years Fanfest: 
Stephan Amell (Arrow)
John Barrowman (Arrow, Torchwood)
David Ramsey (Arrow)
Kate Cassidy (Arrow)
Willa Holland (Arrow)
Paul Blackthone (Arrow)
Charlotte Ross (Arrow)
Katrina Law (Arrow)
Amy Gumenick (Arrow)
Matt Ryan (Constantine)
Candice Patton (The Flash)
Rick Cosnett (The Flash)
Robbie Amell (The Flash)
Teddy Sear (The Flash)
Sean Maguire (Once Upon a Time)
Emilie De Ravin (Once Upon a Time)
Robbie Kay (Heroes Reborn, Once Upon a Time)
Chandler Riggs (The Walking Dead)

A Full list of the celebrities can be found here:
Heroes & Villains Guest (Full List)

heroes and illain 2Like any other themed convention Fanfest will be full of eccentric cosplayers. A lot of devoted fans dress up as their favorite character. It’s fascinating to see how above and beyond people will go to portray their favorite characters and it is quite entertaining to experience it. If you missed your chance taking a picture with your favorite celebrity, you can take a picture with your favorite characters. Cosplayers love posing for fans  so don’t be afraid to ask for a picture.

ArrowcastThe best part about this convention is that it gives fans an in depth experience of their favorite fandoms. Fanfest will also feature panels from you favorite shows and movies. Be the first to know the details on your favorite upcoming tv shows, comic books and even video games. What’s really cool about Fanfest is that they have panels that go in depth to certain characters. Last year, they had panel featuring the Lance and Diggle Family from Arrow. They also had a panel featuring James Bradford, the stunt director of Arrow about how to film stunts on the set.

There are other fun things to do. There will be plenty of artist booths to check out. Last year, there was a zipline and a bouncers. Best thing of all, they give out a lot of extra perks! Hopefully, they will have all of that again this year!

This convention sounds a lot similar to Comic – Con. It is very similar but the convention is a lot smaller. This can be  very beneficial because you won’t have to deal will so many crowds and so many lines. At other convention such as Comic – Con, you may need to wait 2 days in line to see a panel.

Heroes and Villains Fanfest is coming up in 2 weeks! Do not hesitate to buy your ticket now. The event will be a fun and one of a kind experience!

Heroes and Villains Fanfest will be held on August 27 & 28, 2016 at the San Jose Convention Center. Tickets are $45 each day or $75 for the weekend.

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