YouTube Comedian Pays Off Parents Home In Tear-Jerking Video

About 6 Years ago, when I was just turning 15, I started watching video’s on a site called YouTube. Back then it was nothing short of boring- most videos were simple home-movies and other random shots of the zoo or a family party. That was until I came across now-famous YouTuber Timothy DeLaGhetto and his “do-it-all” comedy/music/Vlog channel. I was hooked from the start, between his hilarious sketch comedy and his eccentric personality, DeLaGhetto was someone that had that coveted instant appeal.

Now at 21, I still find myself rolling on the floor over his comedic advice videos and-now professionally shot- sketch comedy. After earning his partnership with YouTube, a deal that allows users to get paid from their videos, DeLaGhetto (real name Timothy Chantarangsu) started making a living off of his heavily subscribed YouTube channel. Now a favorite on the MTV show “Wild N’ Out“, Tim has accumulated enough cash over the years to do something extremely special- pay off his parent’s house.

In a heartwarming video posted on his main YouTube Channel earlier this week, Tim, in his usual exuberant manor, surprises his parents on camera with a check for (rumor has it) 340,000 dollars- enough to pay off the rest of the mortgage. His mom bursts into tears, and his father gives him the “Im proud of you, son” look that gives me chills every time I watch it. Early in the video Tim describes how it felt to tell his parents that he was going to make it no matter what he did, and that he promised his parents early in his career that he would pay off the house. Tim, ever so faithful, came through after all these years in the most heartwarming video of the month.

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