10 Prompts to Conquer Writer’s Block

Any writer knows that having  writer’s block can be frustrating, especially when nothing seems to make you snap out of it. It has happened even to the greatest amongst us. But, sometimes all it takes is going back to the basics of composition to solve the problem. Get back to the core of writing and rediscover your voice through writing tasks. I’ve compiled 10 prompts for writing that will get those creative juices flowing again. This is good for any type of creative writing, the goal is that at least you are writing something that can morph and edit into much more. Check these out and try them today:

1. Look to your left. Choose an object to describe in great detail. What are the colors, smells, tastes, and other characteristics? Where did it come from?
2. Grab a dictionary and choose 5 random words. Use each word in a sentence and then choose one sentence to make a poem or a story out of.
3. Choose a popular theme and reverse it, then write a story about it. Think zombies that have a human apocalypse or a victim looking for their murderer. Be creative and twist the normal themes.
4. Create an alternate universe. What is society like; is there a society? Describe the atmosphere, the culture, and other features.
5. Where was your favorite place to go as a kid? Why? What were you getting away from or going to?
6. Grab a magazine or a newspaper and cut fragments of writing up into little pieces. Rearrange them into a collage poem and either edit it into your own or write a story off of the message that it provides.
7. Create a character based off of the last person that you saw. It could be a stranger that was passing by or a friend or family member.
8. What is your favorite season? Why? Explain the season in detail and what things make you drawn to it.
9. Define life. Not “what is the meaning of life” but what is life to you? What is important and unimportant, what experiences shape a good life?
10. Time travel. How were you like 10 years ago? What would you do different or what did you love then? Or, how will you be 10 years ago? Where will you be? Describe your life in either the past or the future.

All of the above prompts will at least get you writing away and that will lead to more stories and poems and whatever else you can dream up. Don’t let a setback get you down, take a step back to the elements of writing and do one of the simple above exercises to get you back in the game!


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