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10 Reasons To Go Outdoors

With most of the hours in our days being spent at school, work, sleeping, commuting, or whatever the case may be… When do we get time to enjoy the outdoors?  Here are a few reasons why it’s important to go outdoors.

1. It’s Refreshing

The smell of fresh air in nature is so refreshing.  Taking a few breaths in the forest, at the ocean, in the woods, or in grass is a different feeling from when you take a deep breath in a big city.

2. Soothing for your soul

There is nothing more peaceful and soothing than the sound of water trickling down a gentle waterfall, or the sound of the waves gliding in and out of the shore.  The soothing sound of the gentle breeze making the leaves dance is quite remarkable as well.

3. It’s everywhere for exploration

In each state or country you visit there is bound to be beautiful outdoor places to explore.  Guaranteed!  Just put on your shoes, go outside, and start exploring!

4. Sun radiates free Vitamin D

We need certain levels of vitamins from food, but did you know that by being exposed to the sun, you also are getting free Vitamin D boosts?!  Research studies have been shown that those with low Vitamin D levels have at least double the chance of getting heart disease.  Of course, too much sun exposure is definitely not encouraged.  Not too much, not too little.  Everything is best in moderation.

5. It’s Priceless

There’s plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.  In fact, most outdoor activities are priceless.  Walking, hiking, sun bathing.  If you already have the equipment, after the initial investment it’s free as well.  Kayaking, SUPing, surfing, climbing, or biking.

6. Encourages Disconnecting from Tech

Leave your cell phone at home and unplug from the world for a little while.  You don’t have to answer every phone or text immediately. People can wait.  Just enjoy disappearing for a short while.

7. Opens Up Opportunity for New Sports and New People

Outdoors is absolutely a great way to start a new hobby.  Biking, Kayaking, Tennis, Motorcycle, Surfing, Hiking, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Golf, GEO-caching, bird watching, any sports outdoors.

With a big curious mind of yours, you definitely will start meeting people to get more profound knowledge to expand your interest.  Your social circle of friends will expand, and perhaps you will start traveling with a purpose, to combine your new hobby and adventure in your next travel!

8. Observing nature and looking at green improves your eyesight.

If you don’t have 20/20 vision, by looking at more natural green colors, your eyes and yourself tend to relax more.

9. Just you and Mother Nature.

It’s only you and nature. Nothing in between.  No traffic to worry or stress about. No lines to wait at, no people around you.  Just you, your inner thoughts, and the beautiful scenery. Nothing else matters. Live in the moment!

10. Be Humbled

Never mess with the power of Mother Nature, especially with dangerous and strong ocean waves. After being in danger, where you absolutely feel powerless, you will definitely be put in a humbled place.


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