2016: Let The Resolutions Begin!

Well, the burnt gingerbread smoke has cleared, the wrapping paper tumbleweeds have settled beneath the couch, and the fridge is packed with random leftovers. It was a wild ride, but we all survived yet another round of joyful holiday madness!

If your holiday season began at a Walmart on Black Friday, I hope the treatment for those battle wounds was applied to last year’s deductible, because 2016 is finally here, and life is fresh and new again!

A new year means new possibilities! The world is my oyster, and what better way to kick off this new lap around the sun than by making myself really, really uncomfortably accountable for all my New Year’s resolutions by announcing them to the internet!

Ready? Here goes!

Practical Goals:

  • Revamp my filing system, because I’m an adult, and I don’t need a file for “movie stubs.”
  • Master at least 5 new recipes.
  • Purge household clutter! (books, nick-knacks, movies, unwanted gifts)
  • Donate the old clothes I’ve fooled myself into thinking I might wear again someday, somehow.
  • Vote.
  • Get way more knowledgeable about world geography, because my current knowledge is ridiculous and embarrassing.

Physical Goals:

  • Get back into competitive running shape.
  • Be able to lift my bodyweight.
  • Go to bed earlier.
  • Eat more salad and less processed meat.

Spiritual Goals:

  • Work meditation into my weekly routine.
  • Overcome the impulse to take things personally.
  • Be more charitable with my precious free time.
  • Use Rosetta Stone to become somewhat comfortable speaking basic Italian.

Social Goals:

  • Actively listen to others without rushing to contribute my own thoughts and opinions.
  • Exaggerate less.
  • Keep in touch with extended family.
  • Marry the love of my life.

Psychological Goals:

  • Finally acknowledge my Netflix addiction and read more books.
  • Be more single-minded about the task at hand.

Fun Goals:

  • Go to a casino and put everything on red.
  • Bowl over a 250.
  • Write a small children’s book.
  • Recapture a piece of my childhood by beating Donkey Kong 64, Zelda, and Mario Cart.

I believe in going all out for my New Year’s resolutions. It’s fun, and even if I don’t meet all my goals, the process of looking inward and pondering self-improvement is a healthy way to start a bright new year. Give it a shot!

Have a happy 2016!


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Jared Maloney

I'm a twenty-six-year-old Chicagoan with a B.A. in English from Lake Forest College. My life experiences are eclectic and without pattern. I have lived abroad in South Africa, worked as a barista, a farmhand, a pipe organ builder and an assistant physical therapist. In my free time, I like reading creative nonfiction, running, camping, fishing and exploring local festivals.