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5 Things You Can Do To Be More Positive


Worried? Stressed? Tired? In the 21st century, everything moves fast, and it’s really easy to feel like you’re from drowning and the only thing keeping you alive is your mouth just above the surface of the water. Whatever the situation, no matter how busy you may be, there are always solutions and helpful ways to relax and calm yourself down, at any time.  They can be performed easily and they fit into your everyday schedule. Here they are:

Making your bed

1. Making your bed.

Making your bed is probably one of the first things you are able to do when you wake up. You may be one of those people who like to leave it as it is every morning just cause you’re too lazy, you might be running late, or you just don’t care in general. Making your bed is something that can change your outlook on life and here’s why. When you wake up in the morning, it takes effort to make your bed, no matter how easy or hard it is. When you do finish making your bed, you will notice that you have completed a daily task. That sense of accomplishment might drive you for the rest of the day and can motivate you for the rest of the day. Another thing is that let”s say you are having a terrible day, and nothing went right or the way you wanted it. You will return to a beautifully made bed, and even though today was a bad day, you will remember you did at least one thing right, and it will be a reminder that you always have the next day to do better.


2. Stretching

Sometimes if you’re not feeling good mentally, you can reverse that by physically soothing yourself. One thing that helps is stretching those tight muscles and release all the pain in your joints. This is something that can be done anywhere, it might look a little awkward in public, but don’t sweat it.

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3. Meditation

Have too much on you mind? Sometimes you may have to clear your mind once in a while, maybe even daily if necessary. Whenever you have a moment to not do anything, just think. Reflect on what you have done, what is going on right now, and your goals. Even if your goals are far away, and you are afraid based on your current situation, relax. Know that goals take patience to accomplish and even though you may be having a hard time, clear your mind and look at how far you’ve come. Think of the progress you have made and how hard you work daily in order to keep going. Reassure yourself constantly, and never give up. Just keep thinking, mediating, and hoping for the best because everyone has a chance to succeed.

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4. Listening to music

Music is something that many people love to fall back on. It is an art that reflects emotions through sound and can effect your current mood. If you’re happy, you’ll tend to listen to something pleasant and soothing. If not, listening to something sad to match your current mood to either help you cry it out or bring you up. Another thing you can do is creating multiple playlists for different moods. Want to feel happy? Build a playlist with happy music. Need inspiration? Build a playlist that will build you up. The options are endless and just experiment what works for you.

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5. Smiling

Smiling is something that can be done at anytime for whatever reason. It is the natural reaction to happiness, positivity, humor, and confidence. Even though you may not have those current feelings at the time, the actual action of keeping a smile on your face can in fact make you feel better. It allows your body and mind to think and behave in a certain way. This unnatural act of smiling can force your mind into positive thoughts and can give you a burst of energy throughout the day. Give it a try.