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5 Things To Do To Welcome Spring

The season of Spring has arrived! Here are some things to do to welcome Spring.

  1. Pack a picnic lunch. Whether you live near a beach, a lake, or a beautiful wooded park, spring is the best time to spend the day eating lunch outside. Put together a small but yummy spread of chicken salad, fresh berries, and a sliced baguette. To give it a more luxurious feel, bring a pair of plastic champagne glasses with a bottle of sparkling lemonade or mineral water. Pack a light blanket and a book to extend your outdoorsy lunch.
  2. Perfect a new smoothie recipe. As we begin to welcome the warmer weather, our diet will also change to reflect the higher temps. No one wants a hot breakfast to start a nice spring day. Instead, whip up a smoothie to start the day refreshed and ensure that you make the most of the beautiful day. Change up your basic smoothie ingredients; instead of water or milk, try iced green tea as your base. Mix frozen and fresh berries for a sweeter, fresher taste. Try new add-ins as well such as coconut flakes, Goji berries, or fresh mint.
  3. Lighten up your wardrobe. Sweatpants and sweaters were great during this unusually cold and long winter but now that spring has sprung, pack away those heavy layers in boxes and put them far away in the basement. Take out your lightweight and colorful Spring jackets, unfold your faded jeans, and make sure your pastel flats are bright and ready to wear. A change in your everyday uniform will make a difference in the way you greet the day and you’ll be able to enjoy the spring weather ever more.
  4. Adapt your workout routine. Now that it’s no longer freezing outside and the snow has melted, get out of the gym and take advantage of the fresh air. Take your run to the roads in your neighborhood or the paths through a park. Do bleachers at a local high school’s football field. Do your push-ups, sit-ups, and squats in the back yard with your iPod dock blasting. Find a hill and run it up and down in the sun for a great cardio workout with the added benefit of getting a tan.
  5. Cold press your coffee. If your go to, homemade ice coffee is simply your hot brewed coffee with a few ice cubes, change up your recipe to improve the flavor and quality of your cup. It’s spring, you deserve a refreshing cup of iced coffee. The preparation for cold brew coffee may take longer—you often have to let it brew over night—but once it’s ready in the morning, you can keep an entire pitcher of it in your fridge for a quick glass whenever you crave an ice-cold coffee.


Photo Credit: Colorful spring garden – Anita Martinz

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