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Here are 5 quick tips on how to beat your final exams!

1.Don’t Procrastinate

A first and most important tip is don’t procrastinate! Although social media is the most fun and buzzing around finals time try your best to avoid it. Avoid anything that will help you procrastinate! Get in to the library, focus, and knock out all of your studying early! Especially for your papers! Try to get any final papers and projects out of the way as soon as possible so you can focus on studying for your exams as soon as possible.

2.Reward Yourself

A great way to motivate yourself to study more is to reward yourself. Buy yourself a bag of candy or gummy bears and leave one every few paragraphs or page to incentivize yourself to reach that mark. You could even give yourself a bigger break for studying for 30 minutes to an hour straight. Maybe a break?

3.Take Breaks

A great ratio for studying is to study for 15 minutes straight then take a 15 minute break after. It’s easier to focus on something for a shorter period of time and refresh your brain so you can get back to focusing again. But with finals here, a better ratio might be 30 minutes studying then a 15 minute break. But don’t forget to take a break and relieve the stress. Meditation is a great cure that could get you back in the right mindset before studying again.


Flashcards are a great portable way to take your notes with you on the go. It’s also a great way to test yourself to make sure you really know your info. Repetitiveness is the key with flashcards. Going over them again and again will easily prepare you for the big test.

5.Just Do It.

Just do it! So many people procrastinate, complain, and just assume they’re going to fail all together. That’s not the attitude you want to have when it comes to Finals. Stay positive and determined and you will beat the test! Just do it! You’ll be happy with the end result when you do. So just believe in yourself and good luck! Now stop procrastinating!

Good Luck!


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