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7 Tourist Activities to Do with Volcanoes

When traveling to islands like Japan and Hawaii, a common tourist excursion is visiting the volcanoes.
But what fun things can you do with volcanoes?
1. Climb to the Summit in a Day.  (Japan, Hawaii )
I remember as a kid, my commutes to school were special when I saw a glimpse of Mt. Fuji, the nationally iconic mountain from Tokyo, 83 miles away.
The largest mountain of Japan, Mt. Fuji, can be climbed only during the months of July, August, and September.  At 12,388 ft (3667 meters), it is one of the world’s most popular hikes.  In fact, it’s so popular that you may end up at the top of the mountain in bumper to bumper human traffic.
Feel free to get more info here or check out some FAQ here.
On the island of Maui in Hawaii, Haleakala Crater National Park is a popular destination for a beautiful sunrise or sunset at the summit.  Temperatures are usually below freezing when the sun isn’t up, so always dress for winter, even though you will be in a bikini or boardshorts during the day at sea level. The National Park has opportunities for you to walk and hike as well as experience backpacking, and even car accessible camping is available with a reservation in advance.
Check it out here.
2. Onsen Hot Springs (Japan)
Have you ever seen those snow monkeys peacefully resting in hot springs?  Most likely those monkeys are from Japan.  And not only monkeys can enjoy the peaceful and relaxing sensation of the natural hot springs.
The unwritten rules come into big play that developed over thousands of years of the cultural bathing etiquette.
Rule #1: Normally, men and women have separate onsens. This is indicated by red or blue cloth by hallway.  If not, study up on the kanji characters for man ‎  and woman ‎.
Rule #2:  Bathing suit is not allowed.  That’s right, everything comes off.  You can take in a small washcloth to cover up your areas, and to rest it on top of your head while in the water.
Rule #3:  Keep long hair and wash cloth out of the water.
Rule #4:  Don’t swim.I got yelled at by an elder local woman for swimming with my hair down. So bring your hair tie if you have longer hair.
Rule #5:  Wash your body before entering the water. This is simply to clean yourself before entering the public water for sanitation.
Rule #6: Avoid the temptation of bringing a water gun, rubber ducky, or tug boat toy.
3. Onsen Tamago Poached Egg cooked in Hot Springs (Japan)
Onsen Tamago is often served in traditional non-Western hotels in Japan for breakfast.
This is hands-down my personal favorite method of cooked egg.  It is THE Kobe Beef of eggs because the egg is cooked to perfection and melts slowly on your tongue.  The slippery texture is a slow tease, but as you bite into it, the yolk starts oozing.  It is boiled at low temperature, then cracked open as it slips onto a dish.   The egg yolk is that of extreme delicacy where although slightly firm, it still appears raw. Served in soy sauce and bonito dashi, with a sweet taste of mirin, sprinkled with green onions. You’ve got yourself a perfect egg.
4. Use Lava Shampoos, Conditioners, and Soaps
The rich nutrients from lava are believed to be a natural cleanser.  Many beauty products can be purchased from many variety of brands online.
5.  See the Live Lava Flow! (Hawaii)
Experience Mt. Kilauea up close on the Big Island, Hawaii’s only active volcano.  Many tour companies offer a walking tour, biking tour, or a night expedition to see lava flowing while under the glowing Hawaiian stars. Be sure to wear protective closed toe footwear.
6.  Ride the Gondola (Japan)
Mt. Usu in Hokkaido, the northern most island of Japan, is an active volcano that last erupted in the year 2000.  You can enjoy the 6 minute gondola ride which takes you to the observatory deck to look out at the magnificent view of Lake Toya, the Pacific Ocean, and Mt. Showa Shinzan. An optional one hour hike (one-way) on the Outer Rim Trail will bring you to the Gin’numa Crater where steam will be coming out.
7.  Adventure through the Lava Tube (Hawaii)
Amidst the luscious rainforest awaits the Thurston lava tube on the Big Island of Hawaii.  It’s an easy walk through the tunnels that naturally formed by flowing lava over 500 years ago.  It’s a surreal experience with electric lights and plenty of ceiling space.  If you venture out further past the lights, the path continues in the dark for the adventure seeking souls. Don’t forget to bring your flashlights!
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Egg: seriouseats.com

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